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For a Workers’, Socialist, and Internationalist, May 1st!

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For a Workers', Socialist, and Internationalist, May 1st!

Left Party (International Left)

Almost 125 years ago, socialists launched May Day to unify all the workers’ struggles in the world and march as a single fist against the power of the bourgeoisie. The first of those days was to repudiate the deaths of 8 anarchists executed in Chicago for the mere crime of participating in a strike. Also, they fought for 8 hours of work on May Day and eventually won. The freedom to vote for women, the fight against wars, and support for strikes and conflicts were the essences of May Day; March united to win.

Over time the bourgeoisie tried to buy May Day, turning it into a holiday. The same was done by reformists and Stalinists, who only held military parades or paid homage to their leaders. Today, we call to recover the combative, worker, and socialist origin of May Day. It’s not a holiday! It is not an electoral rally! It is a day of struggle. It is not a day to beg for crumbs and minor reforms. It is a day to unite the struggles and defeat our oppressors.

The bourgeoisie is destroying the world, exploiting nature, and leading us to extinction. It is necessary to get rid of the ruling class and restore the health of all species, of which humans are only one. Socialism or Extinction!

This May Day, we fight against the war between the two imperialist blocs (US and NATO on the one hand and Russia and the BRICS on the other) in Ukraine. We call on the soldiers of both sides to direct their weapons against their bourgeoisie and imperialism. The military confrontation between two imperialist sides assumes the risk of a nuclear war. Let’s stop the war!

The climatic catastrophe caused by the industrialist bourgeoisie and its wars is pushing hundreds of millions of workers and peasants to flee their lands and countries. Governments want to prevent this at all costs, including military action. We demand open borders! Full rights for all migrants! Trial and Punishment against all crimes committed against migrants, such as the recent massacre in Ciudad Juárez committed by the AMLO government at the service of US imperialist policy!

We raised an internationalist May Day: we support all workers’ struggles in all countries and continents. We unite the workers above and against the racist policies of the bourgeoisie. For the unity of workers from all countries with the most oppressed, blacks, Latinos, Asians, and native peoples! For the self-determination of all the peoples and nations of the world, from the palestinians to the mapuches, from the Uighurs to the indigenous people of the Amazon! For total liberation of women and the self-defense against femicide!

Socialism or Extinction!

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