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We support:

  1. Minimum pay of $30 per hour for both full-time and part-time workers with automatic raises according to inflation. Additional compensation, if necessary, for areas with high cost of living.
  2. Two-year contract. We should not be tied to a commitment of 5 years contract when inflation and climate catastrophes are looming. The excuse that it is too expensive to negotiate a contract more often sets up workers to have no say in the coming climate and acute economic problems of the near future.
  3. Free quality health care program controlled by workers, paid entirely by UPS.
  4. Air Conditioned in every vehicle, office, and warehouse.
  5.  At 90℉= 32.2℃, the right to go home and get paid
  6. Water and Cool Off breaks
  7. No forced overtime
  8. Part-time to full-time status upon request by workers.
  9. 6 hours shifts, 8 hours pay
  10. Members have direct control over Pension plans and progressive increments by UPS in contributions.
  11.  Fair salaries and schedules for pilots, we support their demands.

We call upon Amazon, FedEx, and every other delivery service worker to join us and refuse to do UPS work. We call upon every union to respect our picket lines. Let’s go and block every company UPS owns for secondary boycotts and strikes. Call the AFL-CIO and every Labor Council to support our strike by organizing solidarity Labor actions. Flying pickets and defense committees to stop scabs and block UPS trucks and airplanes.

Defy anti-labor legislation and NLRB orders because they are weapons of the ruling class against workers.

O’Brien is consciously wrong! This is not a good contract; this is a sell-out proposal!

Left Party and Rank and File UPS Workers


Facebook: @IzquierdaPuntoInfo, @TheDailySocialist, @LeftParty

Phone/WhatsUp: (415) 532-7720

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