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Home » The Left Party in the face of the UAW strike: All support until victory! For factory occupations, massive pickets, Solidarity of the entire labor movement

The Left Party in the face of the UAW strike: All support until victory! For factory occupations, massive pickets, Solidarity of the entire labor movement

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Declaration of the Left Party

The Left Party extends to the 150,000 workers in the automotive industry who are on strike, some, or hope to go on strike, its broadest and unconditional solidarity. We know that they are facing a class of billionaires with ample resources and support in both the Democratic and Republican Parties.

Given this, it is necessary to oppose them with the strongest organization and solidarity. We consider it essential to adopt the tactics that once made the UAW an invincible union: mass picketing that effectively prevents the use of scabs; the occupation of factories and preferably returning to “sit down strikes” rather than “strikes in installments” as the leaders propose,It is also necessary for the UAW to request the assistance of other unions with solidarity strikes in those that have the same owners of Stellantis, General Motors and Ford Motor. It is inconceivable that Toyota, BMW, Hyundai, Nissan, Tesla, Volvo, and Subaru, to name a few, continue producing. We must organize the disorganized! and start by picketing them.

Managers who have been awarded million-dollar salaries must not be given a minute’s respite: let’s organize pickets at their homes, churches, and other businesses…

The fundamental soul of every struggle, if it wants to be victorious, is workers’ democracy where all workers in assemblies decide and vote on what to do. Only in this way will it be possible to deal invincible blows to the bosses.

We must end the double wage system where new and younger workers earn half of the others and are kept as part-time workers. Full-time for all workers! Equal salaries for everyone! 30 x 40 = 30 hours of work for 40 hours of pay! Not a penny less increase than 40% for everyone! Make all part-time positions permanent!

At the same time, the UAW must demand that Labor Councils across the country and the leadership of the AFL-CIO mobilize all monetary and human resources to help achieve victory. All unions must contribute to the UAW strike fund. The UAW must ask all automotive unions in Canada and Europe for effective solidarity with its strike.

Politicians of both parties who have factories without unions in their states must be boycotted, regardless of their party, and force them to take the lead in the collective organization of workers by Law.

UAW must demand control of the factories and the immediate transformation of all vehicles into electric vehicles. Those factories that do not should be immediately expropriated and put under workers’ control. UAW and all workers need to be clear that the present form of industrial production is untenable and must prepare and organize the necessary changes.

Socialism or Extinction!

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