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Six months of Israel’s genocidal war against the Palestinian people in Gaza. 35,000 dead, 90,000 injured and the majority are women and children, thousands and thousands of houses destroyed, hospitals incinerated, provocations to extend the war against other countries like Iran, to drag the US into the conflict directly (although it already provides the material for war for slaughter and two war fleets guard Israel’s back at sea).

Israel has crossed all red lines and violated all international rules, even those written by imperialism itself. Their war is a systematic and criminal genocide. Israel is a state that murders peoples and nations and must cease to exist to achieve peace in the region.

The US and Europe, after six months of war, begin to criticize Israel so as not to be accused of being its agents in the genocide. Late and little; because Washington’s warnings to Tel Aviv are toothless, without sanctions, without anything. At the United Nations, the US has blocked all legitimate ceasefire proposals, while proposing a shameful and unacceptable one.

Get the US out of the Middle East!

Let the workers stop all shipments of war materials!

If the labor confederations of the US and Europe cannot or do not want to organize a general strike against the war in Ukraine and the genocide in Palestine, we call on the workers to self-organize and call for labor actions and confront the traitorous leadership.

We must bring down the governments of Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon, complicit in the Zionist genocide, which instead of sending militias against Israel, repress demonstrations of support for the Palestinians from their own people. Egypt also maintains the confinement of Gaza, allowing the massacre of its inhabitants. The PLO-led West Bank Palestinian Authority functions as Israel’s security agent.

It is not enough to march for a free Palestine, it is necessary to raise a revolutionary program:

The US and Israel are guilty of genocide and their rulers and top military leaders must be prosecuted for war crimes!

Total international blockade of Israel!

To the extent possible, demonstrations should occupy public buildings, government headquarters, parliaments, and block roads. It is time for the protest to become active and militant.

If Arab governments do not send fighters against Israel, their governments must be deposed!

Down with religious fundamentalism of all kinds, Jewish, Muslim and Christian, which aspire to power, and behind which forms of fascism nest.

Down with the Netanyahu government!

Down with the religious fundamentalism of Hamas!

For the founding of a revolutionary party in the Middle East.

For the dissolution of the State of Israel!

For a unique, secular, and socialist Palestine from the mountains to the sea. For a secular and socialist federation of the peoples of the Middle East.

Socialism or Extinction!

International Left

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