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For a workers, internationalist and Socialist May Day!

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The ongoing civilizational barbarism continues to deepen. Today the
Palestinian population suffers the greatest genocide in its history by the
Zionist state of Israel, which acts with total impunity endorsed by the US
and Europe. Ukraine is devastated by the inter-imperialist struggle between
the US and European bloc against China and Russia. Haiti, Afghanistan,
Eritrea, Libya, Iraq and Somalia are quickly returning to prehistory
The environmental catastrophe does not stop, devastating fires, droughts,
major floods, huge and deadly hurricanes are becoming more and more
frequent. Entire displaced towns are being devastated along with all the
species on the planet. The apparent tranquility in some countries and cities
is only a temporary illusion.

Our survival and most basic rights come into absolute contradiction with the
present capitalist mode of production. This will perhaps be the last
opportunity for the working class and the oppressed to stand up to our
historical responsibility: either the capitalist system is overthrown or it will
end up destroying humanity, all species and eventually the planet. Those of
us who claim to be revolutionaries have the urgent responsibility to put
ourselves at the head of the masses, building strong Revolutionary Parties;
The time for reform or centrism is over.

For all this, on May 1st let us all mobilize for the following

Down with religious fundamentalisms, Christians, Jews or
Religion out of states, governments and politics!
Down with the inter-imperialist war in Ukraine and the
Middle East!
For the construction of anti-extinctionist revolutionary
Down with the bourgeois and reactionary regimes!
Down with imperialism of the West and East!
Down with capitalism!

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